WTS: Aion Eu Account with Full LvL55 Eternal Ranger&Chanter, Spatalos Asmodian Side

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    WTS MY Veteran Account With LvL55 Eternal Geared Ranger + Chanter + Glad Twink It's a Veteran Accont and it has x1 lvl 55 eternal ranger + 1x lvl55 eternal chanter + lvl50 Glad twink , played for more then 2 years with the latest veteran rewards such as the Eternal Wings (Lucky Wings) etc. Main : Ranger LvL 55 Full Eternal + : Full LvL 55 Eternal PvP Accesories + (PvP LvL55 Gold Head + LvL 50 Lakhane Hat ). LvL 55 Eternal ABG Bow +10 Combined with Eternal Arena Bow Cond 2 for +13% PvP atk with Silence Godstone. Full LvL40 Abyss Non-Elite Leather Set +10 with Full Magic Accuracy Stones (MA SET). Full LvL55 Eternal Arena Cond2 Set with Full Magic Resist Stones (MR SET). Full LvL50 Abyss Elite Leather Set +10 with Crit + Hp stones + Expert Cooking with all the desighs (449p). +15 Platinum Medals , +44584 Crucible Insigna, +449 Courage Insigna. +150Mil on Accont Warehouse; Full of pots, scrolls , full stigma set + Both Motions (ninja+ hovering). Take a Look at this pictures :://puu.sh/BwOz , ://puu.sh/BwNe , ://puu.sh/BwNn , ://puu.sh/BwNU , ://puu.sh/BwO6 , ://puu.sh/BwOe , First Alt : Chanter LvL 55 Full Eternal +: Full LvL 55 Eternal PvP Accesories+ LvL 55 Eternal Glasses ( Head ). LvL 50 Lannok Staff +10 Combined with LvL 50 Non Elite Abyss Staff with Silence Godstone and Crit Stones ( Extendable Staff ). LvL 55 Eternal Arena Cond2 Staff Combined with LvL 55 Eternal Arena Cond2 Staff with Full MR Stones. LvL55 Eternal Arena Cond1 Mace with cast speed + LvL55 Eternal Arena Shield Cond2 (for Healing Build)+LvL55 Eternal Arena Cond1 Gloves with cast speed with Full MR Stones. x3 Lvl30 Elite Abyss + x2 Lvl 50 Non Elite Abyss Armors with parry stones. Gold Godstone: Zikel's Pride :3.8k damg + Blind Godstone in werehouse. +94 Platinum Medals , +25 Gold Medals, +59714 Crucible Insignas, +5658 Courage Insignas+ Full Stigma sets (healing+ dps build) + Eternal Wings (Lucky Wings) from 2 years Veteran Accont + scrolls, pots + Hovering Motion. +1Mill Abyss Points. Have a Look : ://puu.sh/BwRy , ://puu.sh/BwRD , ://puu.sh/BwRM Second Alt : Gladiator LvL50 : LvL 35 Gold Extendable Spear +10 Combined with LvL 35 Gold Spear + Reduce Movement Speed Godstone. Full 30 Elite Abyss Plate Armors +10. Full 30 PvP Accesories + Gold Lvl 50 Lakhane Hat ( PvP Head). LvL 50 Gold Lannok Bow Combined with LvL50 Gold Quest Bow . +39 Platinum Medals , +24122 Crucible Insignas, + 2251 Courage Insignas , +5 silver medals + 1 gold medal. 190k Abyss Points + scrolls , pots , Lucky wings. Also have a look at this : ://puu.sh/BwSg , ://puu.sh/BwSq Price is 500$ , Leave PM with your id if you are interested. Paypal verified Only
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