WTS Aion EU account 55 sorc, 55 cleric, 53 SM

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    all characters are unlocked and cubes and banks are fully expanded 17+ pets on chars rare emotes from Aion magazine 7 different set of dyes also on acct all level 30 daevanian armor is unlocked and at +10 as well as wep 100 mil + kinah SORCERER: Besh Temple Pauldrons, L and Chest. Over 600,000 AP, Many AP items and Plat medals in bank. Has BOTH sets of greater stigmas (PvE and PvP). Alchemy 510+, also has cooking 400+ Many items in bank and warehouse, MANY skins. Essencetapping and Aethertapping 499 SPIRITMASTER 53 (3/4 of a bar to 53) has 3 pieces fenrin at +8 and completely socketed, MANY scrolls and pots. Has 4/5 greater stigam slots open (PvP tree). Cooking 400+ CLERIC lvl55 , all stigmas are open Other chars are sin 33, ranger 30, BadKitty 29 glad, chanter 27 and temp 13 20 months veteran rewards Playable until Feb 2012 Please send offers/questions to ***************************************************** or PM me here, thankyou. 250 USD/Paypal
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.