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    Game: Aion | Characters: 2 --------------------------- Characters: Level 17 Sorcerer & Level 13 Spiritmaster -Race: Asmodian -Server: Yustiel (1 of the very few low pop servers, no queuing @ all!) As in the thread title, this is a new Aion Account, and was pre-ordered, and therefore has access for any character to have the special Pre-order items*. This is also a limited COLLECTOR's Edition account, and therefore also has more special items available. The way the items work is you log-in on Aion's site, and select which character to end the items too, but they can only be sent once. These are the items available: Preorder Pack ----------------------------------- Black Cloud Hat Lodas's Amulet (5) Ring of Ancient Fire Collector's Edition Pack ----------------------------------- Black Cloud Wings Black Cloud Earring Dye: Rich Purple (10) [Title Card] 'Settler of Aion?' [Emotion Card] 'Aion? Boogie' [Emotion Card] 'Hip Hop' *All items are unlimited but only able to be sent once per character I have purely quested both of the characters. Their wealth together is around 180,000 Kinah, and I have started the two best professions for the level 17 Sorcerer, and also have its Gathering skill ("Extract Vitality&quot high. I've acquired on both characters quite a few titles such as 'Fluent in Maw', 'Raider Hero', 'Treasure Hunter', 'Kind', 'Legendary Hunter', & 'Mosbear Slayer'. Sell price is set through PayPal, at $90.00. This may seem a bit high @ first, but here's considering what I've already spent on the account: $54.99 Standard Edition from Game Stop *PRE-Ordered* $10 for the Collector's Edition upgrade online $14.99 for one month of game access (expiries Oct. 25th) -------------------------------------------------------- $79.98 total That's a $10.02 difference from what asking, plus two characters leveled purely with many titles, mats (lots), professions/ skills, and Kinah; and the account has both the limited Collector's Edition & Pre-ordered items will not be available in the future. Preferred payment method: We'll communicate through email, and I'll handover the account while you pay; specifics: I'll change the email to your preference, and then the other contact information as well. From the purchase & forever on you can contact me about anything, and I'll see what I can do. My interests are to successfully the account, and have the whole process go out smoothly. Proof of Characters SS: ://i213.photobucket/albums/c...Aion0013-1.jpg Anyways, if you're interested @ all, please email me @ [email protected] You can ask anything, I have nothing to hide, and prefer communication with buyer to make everything go smooth as possible. Everything is this thread is based on honesty and I have not a cent of interest to scam or cheat anyone. Enjoy! Thanks, Shredd P.s. My email again is [email protected]
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