WTS Aion CE account with pre-purchase items,CE items and lvl 20 Sorc on it!

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    Greetings. My name is Janis,im 16 years old boy from Latvia. Abaut a month or more ago i bough AION Game..then CE..and then payd for a month to play..and..i was truly,truly dissapointed.The game wasn't for me.I wanted to go back to World of Warcraft. So far i leveled few chars,mostly everyone was like level 20 or something.I usualy played with a Sorcer,(lvl 20). So,enough of lifestory. I want to sell account,that costed me more then 70EUR just for a World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich king Expansion pack,or a gamecard. Im truly NOT SCAMMING,i can proove pictures of account management page,all the information you need.After i recieve the WOTLK you can forget abaut me,and i'll never want to recover the account back.I will also change my e-mail to yours. BUT if your a scamming kid,better don't try it on me.I was on MMOWNED for more then a year,i know your [censored] 'im a company we want full info first lol' scams. [​IMG] HOW TO CONTACT ME??? I ONLY use AIM,its faster,safer,easyer to use. You can download AIM in 1 minute at AIM My AIM is - Bloodlik3rz Thx :p EDIT: Oh and yea,just created this account,never been here before.Don't judge my 1 post plz.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.