WTS Aion Account Lvl 50 Chanter Asmo @ Nezekan

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    WTS Level 50 Chanter, Asmodian 1-Star Officer, Nezekan Server -Fenris 3/5 ( Fenris Pauldron, Fenris Boots, Fenris Gloves ) -Anuhart Gold Chain Pauldron -Anuhart 3/5 Blue -Lvl 50 PVP Belt ( Archon Tribunus's Leather Belt ) -Gold Hat, Gold Necklace -Gold Black Cloud Wings ( 6 months bonus item ) -10 Million in-game kinahs -2 White heart of magic -13 Golden Medals, 14 Silver Medals -Several L60+ and L50+ enchantment stones -3 Crit Strike +15 Manastones -3 Attack +5 Manastones -11 Hp +85 Manastones - Full Support Stigma ( Magic Recovery, Invincible Mantra, Blessing of Stone, Recovery spell, WOI, WOP, Word of Life, Protective Ward ) - Full Pvp Stigma ( Stamina Restoration, Blessing of Wind, Mountain Crush, Splash Swing, Soul Crush ) -Expert Cooking at 449 SELLING @ S$500 or 360USD Possible to deal it face-to-face in Singapore or Paypal I've only listed the important required items. If you have any enquires kindly pm me for more information. Leaving the game due to work.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.