WTS: Aion Account, 2 50's (cleric/sorc) 2 twinks (temp/glad)

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    First of all its best to email me at [email protected] if you're interested. I may forget to check this. Account is inactive and would require subbing (although active for this weekend if you act fast). I stopped playing about 2-3 months ago. Currently you are able to transfer any of the characters to whichever server you would like. There is also a free name change available for each character (except for one that I changed before I realized I should have left it alone). There are multiple characters on 2 different servers. 6 Month Veteran rewards - YES! Sexy wings included. Siel Server - about 4m kinah collectively with items of value to sell via trader 50 Female Sorcerer - Gear stripped due to being caught for buying kinah. Crappy white gear was given to me by ncsoft. She does have Curse of Roots. 399 Alchemy, 399 Aether gathering (I know they renamed aether gathering but I dunno what its called now) 36 Female Templar (this is the character I named***) - Twink with almost all the Elite 30 accessories. Missing neck, helm (currently rank 4, not far from next accessory). Expert (blue) hands and feet (attack speed/run speed). 3 piece daevonian (l, chest, pauldrons). White Flame Greatsword. 3700 kills. I had a ton of fun with this character. Started Armorsmithing but didn't get too far (100+ I believe). 32 Female Assassin - Nothing special was going to eventually twink this as well. Started handicrafting got somewhere between 100-200 I believe. 34 Female Chanter - Gear stripped due to being caught for buying kinah. Crappy white gear was given to me by ncsoft. Tons of random crap in inventory/warehouses. Zikel Server - 2-3m kinah collectively with LOTS of valuable mats to sell via broker 50 Female Cleric - Some gold world boss gear. Expert Armor smith (416ish I think). Has all important endgame stigmas. 30 Male Gladiator - Twink in progress. lvl 30 blue Attack speed polearm, 2 daevonian pieces 18 Male Ranger - it is what it is 11 Female Templar - essentially a bank toon. might have some valuable items in inventory but possibly just junk. I tend to horde things. Asking $200. Pay with paypal. I've only sold one account before so I don't have a rating nor do I know how to get one. I could probably email the guy that bought my other account and I'm sure he would vouch for me. I believe he was a rated buyer/seller if I remember correctly. That was also on the previous forum so I'm not sure if all that transfered over or not. Anyways, I'm an honest seller just trying to pass along an account that I no longer use. Would possibly consider a trade for a WoW account on Kel'Thuzad (not willing to pay for transfers) but you'd have to convince me I could trust you and that won't be easy. ***If you're going to transfer servers you could create a character (or ask a friend to) with the same name on that server before you transfer so when you do transfer your name is automatically changed and you're granted a free name change ticket. This idea is a theory. I'm simply assuming it would work.
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