WTS: Aion acc lvl 49 sorc / lvl 44 gladi - gold geared - lot of hp! Unique weapon!

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    Hello! I am selling my Aion Account. It's located on Spatalos-Elyos side. These are my chards (What i remind, i have the accoun deactivated) LVL 49 Sorc - 20% Male - Really Big xD Full Gold Geared (Lvl 43 Linon gear). I have 2x Gold Gear in some parts. A set with +85 Stones and a Set with +25 MB Stones. You can use MB Set for PVE (Really fast leveling) and HP set for PVP (Really high HP, trust me) My may weapon at this moment is a +10 Penteros Book with MB+25 Stones but i have a really really great surprise for lvl 50... I have (i guess) one of the only, if not the only, TRIRORANS JEWEL. Check here: Triroan's Jewel - Items - Aion Really really rare drop! Then, i have 20-40 Million Kinah in CASH, and infinite materials....... i remember 60k of diferent ores (iron, gold, mithril... everything for handicraft) Also had thousands of linons.. For tailoring And hundreds and hundres of Fluxes of every level and type (Including the best ones, and around 40 gold fluxes) Also have gold jewels (Abyss+Crafted) This char is so fkng awesome, trust me. I was able to solo PvP at abyss and get thousands of Ap/Day. I have no cooking, like other chars, i have really interesting crafts: 499 Tailoring 399 Handicraft (have items to try an expert) Have advanced stigmags, Wind Cut Down IV stigma x3, Root, Ice harpoon and all the best stigmas for Mage. Then, i have another char, a Gladiator 44, still to be developed, but with the stigmas like Ankle Snare. Its very well equipped too. If you check prices, only the cash would worth over 130 Euro. I sell my Full Account for 200 Euro. Ah! And it's collector's edition version, so i have ALL THE CE items!! Pm me if you are interested or if you have questions. Thanks, Sergio.
Thread Status:
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