[WTS] Aion 55 Gladiator GG AP PVP, Asmo Perento

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    I have a good geared glad. Tac officers glaive combind with EC pvp spear. +10 with Silence GS full E40. +10-12 With good manastones in all parts. lvl 50 pvp accessories: 2x rings and a earring. lvl 55 pvp accessories eternal: Neck belt and 1 earring and chain EC pvp head. conditioning 2. I have 789 attack in slaughter mode without and food. 801 with. 2367 accuracy. Good vs templars and guys with high parry/block/evasion 653 crit. With food and scrolls I get ofc much more =) I have 11379 HP. 244mil kinah at disposal. And some items to sell. Got some more gear like lannoks +10 spear and a Bow with slow movement speed and love you like that. PM me if interested. Char on Perento Asmo side. Bump! 331k AP atm. 32 platinum medals. 260 mil kinah I do all plat medal quests each day now and all dredge and daily weeklies. So price goes up with progress.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.