WTS: Aion 39 Full Dolans, 35mill $ Rift 47 Cleric great gear [O.O. of both!]

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    Aion: Level 39 Sorceror Asmo on Vaizel Full level 30 gold dolan's set Weapon is +10, combined Account has 35mill Kinah Original Owner. And I have all original info, I forgot the password and submitted a request to get it back 3 weeks ago and went off 100% without a hitch. I can SS the ticket showing that the GM accepted all the info provided, showing that you can recover it. There is no credit card information on the account and yet it says that I am subscribed and that It has been for 5 months although I have never been charged and It continues to allow me to login so until something happens and they fix that or something you have unlimited free gametime. (If something happens do not blame me, I am at no fault if when you decide to buy the account it is not unlimited or after if it gets canceled somehow, I am just saying that there is no credit card information and yet its been payed for for the last 5 months+) Rift: Level 47 Cleric, Defiant, On A server that I dont remember... Has great gear equipped and 3 level 50 gold name peices (I think its called fabled gear) and 3 level 50 blue peices... One of the fabled gear is a mace that is AMAZINGLY awesome. Just the gear that I have not bound yet for level 50 is about 200-300 plat worth No Gametime on the account Original Owner, I believe that I have all the information I am looking to sell cheap and fast, I need to get some kinah for my main account to fund my level 35 ranger (soon to be 40) twink. ---------- Post added 07-20-2011 at 05:35 PM ---------- Contact me: Texting is fastest: 1(916) 261-5323 : If you catch me on it you are lucky, I will log in to trade I just dont tend to stay logged in as it makes me lag. [email protected] Email: [email protected] ---------- Post added 07-20-2011 at 06:11 PM ---------- Aion 39 sorc image: NCSoft Account support image (Blacked out, upon purchase you will recieve the original images):
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