[WTS] Act 4 farming waypoint (great span) 50k

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    Even if you've just unlocked Inferno mode and can't kill anything, I'm selling a method for you to farm ghosts that can potentially drop the best items in the game. Selling inferno act 4 waypoint (Great span) for 50K, not the garbage one where you fight the other ghosts. This is the one to Decard Cain, Capt Rumford and Marius. You will easily make the gold and find equips to upgrade your gear. If you got lucky like I did, you'd find something like this ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting after a few runs. RULES 1. Make sure your status is not on busy, other wise I will not be able to respond. 2. To ensure fairness to everyone, including myself, please pay the full amount upon entering the game. 3. Check the time in which you entered, stay for 5 minutes and then leave. HOW IT WORKS: 1. Must have inferno unlocked for me to be able to invite you. 2. You stay in my game for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you leave and the wp/quest will be saved on your account. 3. Resume game, warp to great span, go slightly north east into the silver spiral 2. 4. Ghost should be right in front of you, either Decard Cain/Captain Rumford would be good. If it is Marius, leave and resume game. 5. Either die and let Tyrael do all the work, run in circles, or help him fight it. When the ghost dies, loot the body. add creative#1646 STATUS: Online Now!
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