WTS accts with PvP level 5 toons + Full Tier 2 armor + Tier 2 Weapons

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    Hello spamsite, I am quitting AoC and selling my epic accounts, I have 3 different accounts that is all on Tyranny. These accounts are truely high end accounts with the best gear you can get in the game. I have lots of rep, just click on my rep link on the bottom. All my characters have great names and looks really cool, so no need to worry on the looks. They are all kickass looking [​IMG]. Contact me on my or aim, thanks Account #1: Level 80 HoX PvP level 5 with almost full tier 2 armor including the tier 2 HoX sword fury of xotli. This character is a great PvP character that has all PvP armor and PvP weapons. BRC ready and has raided everything. This is the best geared HoX thats ever been up for sale. This account also includes a level 80 Demonologist PvP level 3 with full epics and lots of tier 1 gear, as well as PvP gear up to PvP level 3, plus epic weapons. This account also has a level 80 PoM with full epics consisting of Tier 2 and Tier 1 and epic weapons. And the final character is a level 80 Dark Templar with decent gear epics + blues. I am looking to get around $150-$200 or more for this account. Account #2: Level 80 Demonologist PvP level 5 with full tier 2 armor + tier 2 weapons. Character has all the PvP armor + PvP weapons you can get in this game. This Demo is BRC ready and can raid any dungeon in the game. This Demo is the most geared Demo for sale ever. This account has tons of alts that is geared up. A level 80 Guardian with FULL Tier 2 armor + Tier 2 Poleam weapon + Tier 2 shield + Tier 1 sword. A level 80 assassin with almost FULL tier 2 (except helm and shoulder) and duel weilding Tier 2 axes of red ruin. A level 80 Assasin with a mix of tier 2 and tier 1 armor. A level 80 Necromancer with a mix of tier 2 and tier 1 + has tier 2 dagger and tailsman. All alts are pvp level 1. This is truely an epic acct with tons of loaded characters. I am looking to sell this for around $200-$250 or best offer. Account #3: This account has a necro that is PvP level 5 which means she has ALL of the PvP armor and all of the PvP weapons plus the PvP level 5 cape. The account also has 5 pieces of tier 2 armor and 3 Pieces of tier 1 armor.Character has the best staff in the game (The Narthex of Hell) which is rare and has a low drop rate, which is the tier 2 staff. This account is loaded with more epic armor and weapons and also include a level 80 ToS. I am looking to get around $150-$180 for this account. : [email protected] AIM: firstn20
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