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    l2world.org is the server. 20x rates. Lvl 85 Noblesse Overlord. I'm willing to sell it for about 130-150 USD. You'll see it's worth it when you compare it to the donation list on this server. (If you think the only donation list is the one on the main page, you're a fool.) Skills: All debuffs besides Seal of Winter & Seal of Binding (Root/Hold/Shackle, whatever.) are +30. Nuke is +30 power (about 129 or 127 power, I forget) all important passives are maxed. Robe Mastery for +30 M.def Equipment: +6 Dyn robe set / PvP / Full 120 Elements (no essence because essence for Overlords is for retarded noobs... -INT on an Overlord? Yeah, smart...) +4 Icarus Hall - Hail (Foundation) / Passive Empower / 150Earth (150 Earth for Oly) +10 Ring of QA +6 Zaken +4 Earring of Antharas +0 Zaken's Earring +4 Ring of Beleth (2x - they stack so it's better than AQ/Baium. Only time I use the AQ+Baium is inside oly if I'm fighting a class that I need to use my Hold seal on) +4 Ring of Baium +4 Icarus Hall - Acumen - 150 Water. +0 Icarus Hall - Clean about 10kkk Adena. If interested email me at [email protected] OR you can add me on ( Address is to the left. I'm usually online all day. GMT-5 is my time zone and I usually go to bed around 1 AM / 01:00) - [email protected] The GMs will observe the trade in exchange for 25% of the transaction. And I Quote: Quote 3. Trading for real life currency isnt forbidden, but in order to make one, you must notify a server administrator(Nik, DominicToretto or kam3ran/zara) (not the GM team). The buyer will also be charged by 25% of the money, but this will ensure that the transaction will go smooth, without any problems. People doing this without notifying GMs will be responsible for the translaction and if they get scammed, GMs will not take any action at all. I will ONLY BE ACCEPTING PAYPAL. FOR AN ADDITIONAL 20$USD I WILL ADD MY OTHER ACCOUNT: Level 85 Noblesse Wind Rider. Equipment: Dark Crystal Light set - (I only used her for farming after I stripped her/rerolled to Overlord) Dynasty Dual Daggers +4 - Great Gale / 150 Holy (Farming) Skills: All blows +30 +20something Sand Bomb +20 Entangle All important passives MAXED. +30 Spirit Barrier (+5% Additional M.def) +30 Sprint for Resist-Slow/Hold. +30 Ultimate Evasion for Time (60 seconds) +30 Vicious Stance (LOL? IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK!) Basically everything is maxed. Or if you see an item in there that you'd like, let me know via email/.
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