WTS Accounts at DN dragon15x Server

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    Accounts: SAGITTARIUS/ARCANA LORD - Female char lvl 77 w/ all lv 78 skills (no nobless) - Very Good Name + equips: Majestic Light set Dracobow+Focus+5 Tateossian Set Unsealed+3 Tatoos: Monk lv 3 - Monk Empowered lv 3 - (more some tatoos: rabit etc) + 35K arrows S/60K soulshot S/ 2K blessed soulshot S/ Red Party Mask/ Pots SAGITTARIUS/HELLKNIGHT - Male Char lvl 77 W/ all lv 78 Skills (no nobless) +equips: Majestic heavy Set (+3+4+3+3) + Nightmare shield Dracobow clean + Forgoten Blade Clean No Jewels Tatoos: Monk lv 3 - Golem lv 3 - 2x rabit empowered lv 2 + 60K arrows S/60K soulshot S/ 12K blessed soulshot S/ Red Party Mask/ Pots + WARLORD -Male char lv 77 at same account +equips: Saint Spear clean Majestic Jewels Unsealed (2x ring/1x necklace/1x earing) + 1 phoenix earing unsealed + Soulshot S/ pots Hierophant - Female Char - Lv 78 - good name Equips: Majestic Robe Set + Nightmare shield No Mage weapon but have 1 Bop+QR 2x phoenix ring + 2x phienix earing + 1x maj necklace (all Unsealed) + Blessed Soulshot B+ Soulshots B/ Arrows B/ Pots/ Sumons scrools (karik/doomknight/etc) / Hatchling SpectralDancer - female Char - lv 78 - very good name equips: Nightmare heavy set Talum+DLE (clean) 1xphoenix ring+1xphoenix earing (Sealed) + Blessed S/ Soulshot S / Pots + Prophet lvl 67 - female char _ Good name equips: BW robe SET Club of nature +acumen +7 top C Grade Jewels + Soulshots/blessedsoulshots C/ POtS/ EtC Shilien Elder - Female Char lvl 72 - Good name No equips or weapon Many pots and herbs Wolf lvl 73 (yes lvl 73) with equips SpellHowler - Female Chars lvl 76 - Good Name No equips or weapon Many pots / soulshots/ blessed soulshots I'M selling because will not play lineage2 anymore, so i don't want trade for chars on other servers. Some account have chars at raven 10x too. I give login+pass+secret questions. Send offers in US$ to my e-mail/: [email protected] (i acept paypal/ i can add it at playerup.com). 10% of sales i will donate to maxcheaters. Regards, AdlerBR
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