Selling WTS Account with 970 Blood DK with AMANTHULS VISION

Discussion in 'WoW - EU Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by friendlyboi, 2/20/18.

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    Hi there my dudes. I want to sell my account to one of you lucky bois.

    The main current asset of this account is the Blood DK mentioned in title, proud owner of Aman Thuls Vision... And some of the BiS leggos (missing Blood shoulders, has Frost wrists).
    However, the account also has a warlock and rogue with most BiS Leggos (944 and 950 respectively), as well as every single class at 110.

    Also, this account has Mimirons head as a mount, mage Challenge Mode tier (double wowzers) and other beautiful things.

    If you're interested, contact me in discord: Fenq#1807
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.