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    SOLD So I was going to sell individual items, but I decided its too much work, so I will sell the whole account in one bundle. If I don't get a good enough offer, than I wills ell items individually. (Please note, I quit Dreams, before it even went Freya) Storm Screamer(Female) -Noblesse(Never been Hero) -3 Rebirths, Acumen x3 -Level 85(100%) -All 81+ Skill learned Weapons +17 Vesper Thrower *Focus (0 Element) [I used to play Sagi you can easily trade for mage or any other weapon] +13 Vesper Dual Sword (Lvl 3 Fire) +12 Eternal Core Dual Sword (0 Element) (Top Duals) +10 Vesper Slasher *Focus (Lvl 2 Fire) +10 Contristo Hammer *HP Drain (0 Element) +10 Vesper Buster *Acumen (Full Lvl 4 Wind) +9 Vesper Stormer *Haste (0 Element) +7 Vesper Fighter *Focus (0 Element) +6 Vesper Fighter *Health (50 Lvl 2 Fire) +10 Dynasty Mace *Acumen (0 Element) +9 Icarus Hand *Haste (0 Element) +8 Icarus Spitter *Focus (0 Element) +8 Arcana Mace *Acumen (0 Element) +8 Icarus Duals (0 Element) +7 Dynasty Crusher *Anger (0 Element) Armors +6 Vorpol Heavy Set + Shield (0 Elements) +7 Vesper Sigil +8 Vesper Robe Set Elemented Pieces -Tunic (Lvl 3 Holy) -Stockings (Lvl 3 Wind) -Shoes (Lvl 3 Water) +5 Vesper Jewel Set x2 (Not Important, but its there) +10 Vesper Ring +10 Vesper Earring x3 +10 Vesper Necklace +10/11/10/12/10 Vesper Noble Heavy Set Elemented Pieces -Helmet (Lvl 2 Wind) -Chest (Lvl 4 Holy) -Gaiters (Lvl 4 Earth) -Gloves (Lvl 4 Water) -Boots (Lvl 4 Wind) +10/7/10/10/9 Vesper Noble Leather Set Elemented Pieces -Helmet (Lvl 2 Dark) -Chest (0 Element) -Gaiters (Lvl 2 Fire, Lvl 2 Holy) -Gloves (Lvl 3 Wind) -Boots (Lvl 4 Earth) +7 Vesper Noble Heavy Set (0 Element) +6 Vesper Noble Heavy Set (0 Element) +10 Vesper Leather Armor(Chest) (Lvl 1 Wind) +8/8/8/6/6 Elegia Heavy Set (0 Element) Misc. -45KKK+(Yes Billion) Adena -Mantras 25k+ Fire, 25k+ Water 140k+ Wind -400+ Syn Cokes -5k+ Medals -600+ Raid Souls -800+ LARGE Squash -Mithril Bracelet -Loads of CP Pots -Loads of QHP -Teleport Scrolls (maxed on spellbooks) -Some Agathions -Other Equipments, few C-A-grade sets/weapons(+10 C grade 2-h Sword xD), few Dynasty sets/weapons, Vesper weapons, just a lot of misc weapons and armors you might find useful. -20+ or so Giants Codexs. -500+ Lava Stones, 500+ MSS, other misc Noblese items -Tattoo of Avadon -Tattoo of Resolve -Tattoo of Doom x2 - 500 Hunter Points -Few Top Grade LS and other LS's -Few Attribute Crystals/Stones (30-50 each stones) -So Many armor sets, too many to list, all types you need for new chars/subs etc. Lots of other misc items Even More (Can be included depending on offers) MoonLight Sentinel, 2x Haste Rebirths @ Lvl 80, is Noblesse (Never hero) Phoenix Knight 3x Might Rebirths @ Lvl 85 & 100%, is Noblesse (Never hero) Duelist 2x Haste Rebirths x1 Might Rebirth @ Lvl 85 & 100%, is Noblesse (Never hero)(Has a few Skills +9+) All my other alts I used, pm me for more info on them Clan level 7, with a few clan skills. HAPPY BIDDING, PM ONLY!
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