WTS: account multiple level 80's

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    sin pvp 7 full pvp gear some t2 2 factions at rank 4 almost alot of aa's ranger pvp 7 full pvp gear and some t3 alot of aa's guard pvp 3 but in pvp 5 gear most the dps aa's and the pvp ones bear pvp 1 but in pvp 5 gear aas= ssf, enlarged lifeforcex5,empowered mending x3 sleuth of bears pom pvp 3 but in pvp 5 gear aas= ssf, pressing 5, decisive 5, celestial gaze, shimmering invocation, improved soul of mitra 5, emissary of elysium, smite x5, rebuke x5, condem x5, repulse x5, ltp 4 barb some t1 t2 necro some t1 aas= pressing decisive both x5 field of war x5, undbinding charm, etheral escape x5, icestrike x5 ftw x5 apprentice, lich, ice shackle x3, pest blast x5 extended ftw x5 frenzy x5 extended pest blast x5 dt full t2 with ibis in quest iventory just needs crafted dt blues demo pvp 4 some t1 t2 and crafted tos crafted and some t1 conq blues and some t2 39 necro for mini's almost all toons have most the major aa's i can get screen shots later have to go to work will add more info on each toon later
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.