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    I want to sell my account that I have had since 2007. His bank is full of goodies from 2007-2011 and has a nice house in Bree and his server is Nimrodel. He is a lvl 65 Hunter. You must pay through pay pal and my asking price is 150-200$. You can haggle if you want. Armour-Aurochs set with some new gear on the hands. Very good legendary weapons ( I mean it) with relics etc. Stats- Morale-5603 Power-3153 Armor-3913 Might-307 Agility-476 Vitality-393 Will-253 Fate-295 Critical Hit-1745 Damage Melee-4760 Ranged-4760 Tactical-1213 Healing Outgoing-1265 Incoming-1009 Defense Resistance-2326 Avoidance Parry-1566 Evade-1904 Damage Type Physical-2189 Tactical-2361 Desity Points-3616 Turbine Points-3171 Expansion Packs- Shadows of Angmar, Mines of Moria, and Mirkwood Level-65 Gold-11 Crafting- Very advanced in the tailor guild and a master woodcutter/supreme prospector. Reputation- Very far in rep with multiple standings The War- I am a man at arms with a total renown points of 8710. I have almost 900 kills and kill to death ratio is 10.4. This is a no brainier! I have put countless hours into this account and I have enjoyed lotro but it's time I move on. If you are interested reply and if I like your price I'll tell you to email me. I also have other players but they are low leveled and act as storage. I have an accomplished warg that is ranked well in the creep world.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.