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    I'm thinking of selling my account on the eune server,i'm not sure though. Champions : 90 Legendary Skins : Brolaf,Blood Lord Vladimir Themes : Pulsefire Ezreal Unavailable Skins : The Magnificent Twisted Fate,Headmistress Fiora,Phantom Karthus,Masquarade Evelynn,Nightmare Cho'Gath,Frozen Shen,Leopard Nidalee,Dragon Knight Mordekaiser,Crimson Akali,Slay Belle Katarina,Mistletoe LeBlanc Normal Skins : Dark Valkyrie Diana,Pool Party Ziggs,Muay Thai Lee Sin,Glacial Malphite,Augmented Singed,Panda Teemo,Full Metal Jayce,Foxfire Ahri,Soul Reaver Draven,Lord Darius,Frostblade Irelia,Battle Bunny Riven,Fisherman Fizz,Sandstorm Katarina,Dragon Fist Lee Sin,Officer Caitlyn,Renegade Talon,Volcanic Wukong,Harbinger Kassadin,Acolyte Lee Sin,Firefang Warwick,Samurai Yi,Totemic Maokai,Nightblade Irelia,Spellthief Lux,Infernal Mordekaiser,Deadly Kennen,Grim Reaper Karthus,Golden Alistar,Mercenary Katarina,Galactic Nasus,Mythic Cassiopeia,Bladecraft Orianna Many normal wins,1250+/- elo and many rune pages I mostly wanna know what it's woth so let me know.I'm not really sure if i'll sell it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.