WTS account: 8 toons including pvp10 demo , pvp7 guard, tos..and some others

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    Very good account for Age of conan + rise of the godslayer. NA Cimmeria PVP-RP. Many high pvp level toons with a lot of pve epic gear of all kinds. Hundreds of veteran ponts, swift mounts, 60 + offline level points and all other benefits as old game account( created 20 may of 2008) Mains: 1. 80 level demonologist PvP 10 with all pvp10 gear Full .T1,T2,T3(no helmet), 24 000 + kills A LOT OF AA points, bori tokens e.t.c aoc.yg/profile?h=1ZJt2yxS 2. 80 Tempest of Set almost pvp 7 12 000 + kills all pvp5 gear full T1 and T2, some khitai gear aoc.yg/profile?h=_gJCKFXy 3. 80 level guardian pvp7 5500+ kills full T1 and T2 pvp 7 gear aoc.yg/profile?h=k8rFQ0fa 4. 80 lvl Bear shamen pvp pvp5 4500+ kills pvp5 gear and almost full t2 aoc.yg/profile?h=564SZ8w3 Alts: 5. 80 Herald of Xotli full t2 pvp3 6.80 Barbarian full t2 7 80 necromancer some t2-t1 mix 8. Priest of Mitra.... some lo level I dont even remember what it has.... THE PRICE IS 850$ its very good account and i dont want to sell it for less i spent over 2 years on it and i believe, its one of the best accounts all over AOC SERVERS. Contact me [email protected] , i can assist you with Details , we can talk by the e-mails,,ventrilo, teamspeak and over the phone. Many Thanks.
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