WTS: a nice euw acc

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    1,3k elo W:44 L:39 821 Wins Silver border. 80 Champions. EUW 6 rune pages. 129 runes Skins: Unchained alistar Reverse annie Sherwood forest Ashe Executioner Mundo Desert trooper Garen Riot Graves Snowmerdinger Nightblade Irelia Dragon slayer Jarvan IV Judgment kayle Traditional Lee Sin Vizier Malzahar Galactic Nasus Riot K-9 Nasus French Maid Nidalee Ravager Nocturne Sewn Chaos Orianna Full metal Pantheon Noxus Poppy Professor Ryze Blood Moon Shen Boneclaw Shyvana Bandit Sivir PAX Sivir Riot Girl Tristana Lil' Slugger Trundle Primal Uldyr Leprechaun Veigar Hyena Warwick leave your here or send it to pm.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.