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    Hi, looking to sell my lotro account. I have been playing lotro since its beta. I am sick of the game and want to move on from MMO's entirely. Hence the sale of this account. How much do I want? Hundreds and hundreds of british pounds. Its easily worth that IMHO, due to the amount of time investedi in the account. Please do not waste my time if you cannot afford that. I would take payment via a payment directly to my bank. Not paypal. What do you get for your money? 1 x lvl 75 burglar, geared extremely well for lvl 75. 4 x lvl 65's (Warden, Loremaster, Hunter, Guardian) geared extremely well for lvl 65. 3 x lvl 60 (Minstrel, RK, Champion) Geared with quest gear. 1 x lvl 50 Captain Geared with quest gear. 1 x rank 11 Warg 1 x rank 8 Reaver 1 x rank 7 Blackarrow 1 x rank 7 Wardleader 1 x rank 7 Defiler 1 x rank 6 Weaver. 50,000 destiny points. Just under 500 turbine points. 475, something like that. Roughly 150-200gold, lots of supplies of materials stocked in various characters' vaults could value an extra 50-100gold as a conservative guess. Extensive work pumped into characters crafting and epic book questlines. All freep characters on a busy english rp server except RK which is on a busy english non-rp server. All creeps on a busy non-rp german server except Weaver which is on busy rp english server. The account has all three expansions; Mines or moria, siege of mirkwood and rise of isengard. I will answer any more specific questions via Private messages. Sorry if I didnt include something important but I have listed the main assets of this account as I see them.
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