WTS: 98 Champs rare skins (ufo corki + some legacy and others) 100 obo

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    5 Rune pages Marks: 0.95 attack damage 2.2% crit damage 1.28 armor pen 0.87 magic pen 0.77 magic resist 1.9 ap per lvl seals: 0.59 ap 0.43 ad 0.78% crit damage 0.25 gold per 10 seconds glyphs: 1.2 ap 0.28 ad 0.65% cd reduction quints: 2.56 armor pen 2.3 physical damage 4.5% crit damage 1.6 energy regen per 5/ secs 1 gold per ten minutes 2.7 health regen per 5 seconds 2 magic pen 4 magic resist 0.43 ap per lvl Champions w/ skins Unchained alistar Red riding annie (legacy) Zombie brand loch ness chogath Ufo (Skin for making account in beta) hot rod corki death blossom elise Surprise party fiddle sticks head mistress fiora Hextech galio rugged garen reaper hecarim infiltrator irelia jaximus jax Unmasked (legacy) judgement kayle Muai thai lee sin valkyirie leona chosen master yi mafia missfortne galactic nasus abysal nautalius ruthless pantheon noxus (legacy) scarlet hammer poppy head hunter rengar battle bunny riven dark crystal ryze surgeon shen earthquake skarner dragon blade talon emerald taric (legacy) riot girl tristana primal udyr butcher urgot arc light varus heartseeker vayne big bad warwick jade dragon wukong scorched xerath major ziggs mustapha kireche! looking for 100 obo
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.