[WTS] 96 Sigel Knight - NCWest / Shilen

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    I'm posting this for my friend w/o a MXC account, I can play or we can get someone else to. Original/Master ACC owner. 96 Sigel Knight, awakened from Dark Avenger. Reflect Damage and Shield Deflect Magic skills kept. 200kk pocket money. Legendary CON Dye lv5 (+5CON,+1STR) x3 (+15CON +3STR) +3 Seraph Helmet 120 Fire/120 wind/120 holy def +3 Seraph Breastplate 90 Fire/ 114 wind/78 holy def +3 Seraph Gaiters 60 water/60 earth/ 60dark def +3 Seraph Gauntlets 78 water/96 earth/120 dark def +3 Seraph Boots 60 water/60 earth/ 60dark Seraph Shield Sigel Cloak, Light Cloak and 2nd-3rd Olympiad place Cloak +4 Immortal Shirt+CP +3 High-Grade Magic Ornament Seraph Belt [PvP Defense] Octavis Bracelet +3 Top-Grade Protection Earring - Shock (124 mdef, 5% CP, 20 Shock Atk/Def) +4 Seraph Earring +3 Seraph Necklace +3 Seraph Ring +3 Seraph Ring ~220k Olympiad Tokens ~16k Mentee Coins +4 Apocalypse Cutter [Health] Apocalypse Avenger [Focus] Active Augments: Celestial, Physical Skill Clarity, Skill Refresh, PvP P.Atk, P.Atk, P.Def, Blessed Resurrection Bunch of talismans, life stones and giant's codexes in warehouse. post/pm me Asking Price: 300$ USD Accepting Paypal, Polish alternatives can be discussed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.