WTS 91.2 Mil SP with 3.5 Bil ISK

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    Hi guys, Have decided to sell my character as I've had him sitting for a couple of years now thinking I may restart one day, but kids and work mean I do not have the time sadly. Skills-wise, the character does not have many points spent on anything other than combat. He can fly all BS but Gallente at level 5 and also has Caldari Dreadnaught at level 5, level 5 in Citadel Launch Torpedoes aswell as Caldari Carrier at level 5. Minmatar BS will also be at level 5 in two days. He is trained from the ground up to excel at PvP and has all of the foundation skills trained. He comes with 3.5 billion isk (3.549.468.830 to be precise) and has two neural maps available and a sec status of -6.2, easily solved with a bit of 0.0 ratting unless you want to pirate . Ships of note are: Fully T2 fitted Chimera, Apocalypse, 2 x Cerberus, Caracal, Hawk x 2, Manticore, Buzzard x 2, Imperial Navy Slicer, Hurricane & Cheetah. These ships are scattered around and are most likely to be sitting with full T2 fittings. Also I have more mods scattered throughout the Universe than I could possibly list that would amount to a huge amount of ISK. The character has not been played in a corp or alliance since November 2009. He was a brief member of a corp for a few weeks back in 2010, but due to real life constraints I stopped playing. For this reason, the character is a real unknown in the game world. This is the best character I have ever owned in Eve online and have had incredible fun with him, however real life family constraints mean I have no time to play with him anymore. He also has a cool AV and a good name. Absolutely nothing to hide, so more than happy to answer any questions or even talk on the phone etc.. if you would prefer. I'm looking for around £360 which after talking to some people seems very reasonable for this guy. I'm happy to be pm'd with offers but they will need to very close to this price please. Happy to transfer the character or account if you want the months game time to whoever wins it. I have another account with another character on it I will be listing here later on today. Skills in the next post down:
Thread Status:
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