[WTS] 90 Million SP Capital Carrier Pilot ($600)

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    90m sp awesome account

    88.4 mil sp pilot +cyno alts. 90m+ sp overall.

    Capital ship pilot.
    Carrier pilot.
    Command ship pilot.
    Marauder pilot. easy mode lvl4s
    Hulk, Mackinaw, Skiff pilot. mines anything max efficiency.
    Recon pilot.
    Orca pilot.
    BS,BC, Tengu, Heavy Interdictors, etc.
    Can fly dreadnought just needs the book
    Can fly Rorqual just needs the book
    Can fly freighters just needs the book.

    High standings has lots of research agents and tons of security and mining agents.
    Federation navy 10, Minmatar Mining 10, Khanid Navy 10
    Sisters of EvE 8.40, Republic Fllet 7, Gallente Federation 6.93

    Can do lvl 5 missions nicely, can make lots of isk from research doing nothing, gets about 500 RP per day from lvl 4 RD agents.

    Can lead mining fleets nicely.
    Can rat, do plexes, heavens, sanctums anywhere. Incursions, PvP of any kind from small gangs to the big fleets.
    No kill rights/bounties, awesome reputation. Has been in small corps so far. No big alliance history of any kind.

    About 1 bil in assets\LP\RP spread around.
    Account is active and comes with 2 cyno trained alts 1m sp+ each.
    Security status: 4.4
    Bonus Remaps Available 3

    4 jump clones, 1 with over 1 bil in implants

    A great char overall at a very decent price.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.