WTS 90+ mill sp combat character

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    I think for about a year now I have just kept the character for training purposes....thinking I may get back into the game. However, I'm just not going to be able to. So I figured I would let her go. She has a +5 security standing and can fight well. Let me explain her skill set a little. A while back I was involved a lot with sneaking into wormhole corps in order to gain access to POS installations so that I could haul out any number of ships stored without anyone the wiser. To this date no one has ever caught me...lol. I dont have time to do those things anymore....but as you can see, this is why I'm specced to fly a HUGE number of types and races of ships...and fly them extremely well. I also started working on jump freighters some time ago and finished out Amarr. She can fly anything BS and below...as well as a plethora of t2/t3 ships and capital ships such as dread, carrier, etc. She has slightly over 90 mill skill points! She also is paid for till mid November and has another PLEX ready to use. She can run I know lvl 4 Caldari Missions with easy. Has a slew of stuff everywhere, and about 1.5 billion isk in wallet. Has a few jump clones, 2 attribute resets, and I'm not interested in a trade...just money as I have hospital bills now that I need to get paid for. I'm not sure what its worth tbh...other than the isk amount via the eve forums. So make an offer and I'll see if I like it. I'll only accept Paypal though as payment...no checks or money orders. We can discuss methods on how to go about the payment process, whether through playerup.com to make it official or whatever. As long as it is safe for both parties. If you are interested message me and I'll send the specs to you. If you contact me you are in agreement that you are not affiliated with CCP nor work alongside them in any way. Her implants are: Intelligence Cybernetic Sub processor - Improved (+5) Perception Ocular Filter - Improved (+5) Charisma Social Adaptation Chip - Basic (+3) Willpower Neural Boost - Improved (+5) Memory Memory Augmentation - Improved (+5) Total number of ships she can fly from all races (includes factions): 207 !!! Message me for skill specs if interested.
Thread Status:
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