WTS: 90 bard + 6 alts on E marr + vulak char

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ, 9/29/13.

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    Ive own this account for 10 years now 8.4 years played. Im in need of money and this is the only thing i have i can really sell because our van is needing alot of repairs. I am the original owner so i have the secret password.I think the price is reasonable for the time spent over the years. $400.00 obo i don't have paypal or know how to use it so i was thinking moneygram or moneyorder. 90 Bard 50591hp / 42762 mana / 5558ac 2936 aa's Full T4 geared T4 / T9 Uf access 250k plat probably a good 100k in twink items in bank, not sure what alts have for plat Has quite a few clickies Also....on this account and on E marr i played around on these 85 Rogue / 689 aa's / bunch of HoT gear 80 Paladin / 576 aa's / bunch of HoT gear 70 Ranger / 103 aa's / CoA/some dsk gear 65 Berserker / 51 aa's / Tacvi gears 65 Monk / 93 aa's / Tacvi/Time geared 65 Druid And... on Vulak the new time locked progression server 45 Necro / Decent gear / J Boots / 680pp Please this is serious if you have any questions PM me please
Thread Status:
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