WTS: 89CR Hard light dps/troll 93sp 6 prime weapons USPS3

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    Hello everyone. I'm looking to sell my toon on the USPS3 side of DCUO, below will be a list of all stats and included items. Health:3667 Power:1825 Defense: 2412 Might:1715 Restoration:765 Vitalization:84 Precision:782 Dominance:75 Combat Rating:89 Full modded T4 pve dps set Full amazonian T3.5 controller half modded Full T2/T3 dps gear and some tank gear Both iconic helms from gates 2x 78 lockbox might rings 2x 78 lockbox precision rings 1x 78 lockbox might neck 1x 78 lockbox precision neck 2x 78 lockbox vitalization rings 1x 78 lockbox vitalization neck 5x Sparc weapons, Rifle, Martial arts, Staff, Bow, Dual wield 6x Prime weapons Rifle, Brawling, 2-Handed, Dual wield, Staff, Dual pistols 2x Atlantean trinkets from event controller and dps Multiple iconic pieces such as scarecrow helm and cleaver, kick me sign etc.. Cosmic angelic and Cosmic greco-roman full sets as well as the cosmic skin All legends characters including marks or lore characters 6 months of legendary 86 marks of triumph 110 marks of distinction 55 marks of war 6 Different auras Health/Dominance 4 Precision 4 Might/Precision 4 Resto/precision 4 Precision/power 4 and numerous 1/2/3 plans throughout also. There's probably more I'm forgetting to list but if you have any questions or an interest in buying you can add me on , my ID is "Dcizstoned" Remove quotations obviously. Currently I have no set value on this account as I have not sold a DCUO account in quite a long time so I have no idea on price, so I can work that out when a buyer does pop up. And on a side note this account also has a year of elite for call of duty and is a 3rd prestige on MW3 with a 2.1K/D and a 26% accuracy rating.
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