WTS: 85 Guardian with First Server special raid titles.

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    This account has all this. - Premium status. - All questpacks, expansions and areas except Forochel and Trollshaws. - 2000 Turbine Points (Enough to transfer to any server, rename the character or buy more areas). - A level 85 Guardian (Double geared: Tank with 19k+ morale, DPS with 2000+ Might). - A level 63 Champion (Power leveled, have no decent gear). - 20k medallions, 10k marks, 600 seals. - Crafting Metalsmith at maximum tier and guilded. - Currency cap removed. - It's personal kinship house for storage (Also a deluxe house with almost all housing items from raids bosses). To make this account a bit more yummy, i have in my guardian ALL the meta-deeds in the game done (Except ToO one), which includes: - A first server kill of Gortheron, final boss of Ost Dunhoth Raid. (This title won't be ever again rewarded) - Ivar's Champion Deed (No more than 10 players have this title among all servers, cosmetic, housing and title) The guardian also has: - 5 bags of storage. - It's a Female Man Guardian class. - All traits unlocked (some Virtues at level 19/16 due to the cap) - Several tomes of Stats. - 250g to use in whatever you want to. - All the raid sets for cosmetic purposes. - Hytbold fully rebuilt. - 95% of the landscape deeds done (Except Great River and a few rohan ones) - more than 6 months of /played time. I wouldn't ever consider to selling my account, it's too precious to me but i am having money issues in real life and it's either my account or living under a bridge (Literally, couldn't pay my mortgage the last few months). This account with all the stuff that would be need to be bough with TPs or really money can easily worth 300$, including prices for all the expansions. However since it has unique server titles i want to sell it for 500$, that makes a good deal for a collector and it could save me from the bank for a little more time. - Price: 500$ If you are interested or want screenshots, contact with me or post in this thread.
Thread Status:
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