WTS: 84 Shaman - 400K Plat, 26K SC, Gold for 10 more months

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    I'm the original owner and can't quite play like I used to. Here is some of the pertinent info: Barbarian Shaman (1 bubble from 85) on Povar (Quellious) Unbuffed HP = 30,232 (Gear is Tier 1 or best available in bazaar) Unbuffed Mana = 28,562 Unbuffed AC = 3,487 AA = 1,553 Epic 2.0 Veteran Rewards = 10+ years of credit (played > 489 days) Plat = 417,000+ Station Credits = 26,000+ Gold membership until 10/2013 Tradeskills - all 250 or above Unique title (only 1 on server from Best of the Best in year 2000) 33 clickies, just need a couple of items to complete BiC quest (have raid items) There is also a 47 Human Warrior on the account with the appropriate level defiant gear along with valuable tradeable items like the Cowl of Mortality, Swiftblade of Zek, and Zlandicar's Talisman. Finally, there is a bazaar mule with about 20K worth of items on him. Due to the amount of plat, station credits, and 10 months of gold membership I expect this account to fetch more than a similar account for sale. Email me at ryaninopks (at) if you think you might be a serious buyer of this account or one of the three below. I used to 4 box so I also have three other original owned accounts I am also selling separately: - 84 Human monk, 460aa, Tier 1/best bazaar gear, max veteran rewards, silver - 84 Halfling Druid, 441aa, Tier 1/best bazaar gear, silver - 83 High Elf Druid, 375aa, Tier 1/best bazaar gear, silver Thanks, Married_and_no_longer_gamer (Ryan)
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