WTS: 81m SP Subcap PvP GodMiddleman Seller Guide

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    After years of playing, looking at getting out of eve and wanting a little back from my investment.

    I can fly every combat sub-capital in the game and well. Frigate, Cruiser, BS V in all races. All T2 weapons (except silly things like rockets). T2 Sentries/Heavies. +5s in everything but charisma and 5% hardwirings in one clone and a Halo set in another. Capital wise, flies Amarr/Gallente/Minmatar Dreads and Caldari/Gallente Carriers with all relevant capital skills at 4.

    From the character appraiser:

    Combat: 99.76% (Price per mil: 249.70)

    PvP: 92.48% (Price per mil: 240.59)
    PvE: 7.28% (Price per mil: 133.96)

    Caldari: 26.25% (Price per mil: 188.36)
    Gallente: 26.32% (Price per mil: 188.42)
    Amarr: 24.29% (Price per mil: 186.73)
    Minmatar: 22.91% (Price per mil: 185.58)

    It estimates a value of 23.5B isk. Character has another 4-5b of assets in the form of a carrier and isk. That plus halo set gives a rough value of 30b for toon + assets and 26b for just the toon. The account is also available and is paid until 2012.

    I know what this toon is worth and will ignore lowball offers. I'm not in any rush to sell. Feel free to pm me offers or post them here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.