WTS: 80's on Tyranny PVP lvl 5 +more!

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    -=Age of Conan=- -So what comes on the account? 80 HoX - T1/T2 Raid Gear, PvP level 3, Armored Horse, 20g, Professions maxxed.(Tyranny) 80 Necro - T0 Gear, PvP level 2, Normal Horse, 10g, No Professions.(Tyranny) 55 ToS - Great leveling gear, PvP level 1, Normal Mount, 3g, No Professions.(Tyranny) 46 Demo - Good gear, PvP level 2, Normal Mount, 1g, No Professions.(Tyranny) 25 HoX - Decent gear, PvP level 4 (11,000 till 5) 3g, No Professions.(Tyranny) 25 Barb - Awesome gear, PvP level 2, 1g, No Professions.(Tyranny) 23 PoM - Good Gear, PvP level 4, 4g, No Professions.(Tyranny) 23 BS - Good Gear, PvP level 4, 8g, No Professions.(Tyranny) -Do you have the CD-Key? Yes, I have all of the needed info to make this a secure deal. -Is there playtime on the account? Yes It's good untill June 3rd. -What's payment method do you accept. Money Order, Western Union. -Do you have any reputation or feedback? /forum/itrader.php?u=20562 -What are you asking for this account? 175.00 lowest I will go if 150.00 Cant talk me down past that. -Sounds good, How will this deal go down? You will send payment, Once I recive it I will then release account information to you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.