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    Asking price $100.00 US Minimum. $150 buyout. Character - Tempest Of Set Male Level 80 located on high population Tyranny PvP U.S. Server Assets - 34.5 gold. Horse Mount. Gear - 75 crafted blue (Tier 5) complete ungemmed set. 3 additional level 75 blue pieces with evade gems (the best pvp gems for a ToS). Crafted blue 60 set stacked with all electrical damage for raiding. Gathering Professions - Mastered them all, you can harvest the best resources in the game. Professions - Tier 5 (75 blue) Armorsmith and Gemcutter. I will accept paypal cash only. I will be more then happy to talk to you on the telephone and provide personal information for your safety. I will also send you the original box, discs, and game code. You can contact me through Microsoft messenger to begin with, [email protected] I might be willing to accept a WoW account in trade, IF you are the original owner (original email, password etc), IF you provide me with personal information, and IF you send me the retail boxes and game code. This would have to be one hell of a WoW account though. It would have to meet the following Criteria. Horde required, and transfer available. PvP realm and U.S. realm only. Level 70 male undead mage with at least season 2 arena gear or equal raid gear Tier 5 or up. Or... Level 70 male Tauren Shaman with season 2 ELEMENTAL OR RESTO arena gear or equal raid gear Tier 5 or up (no enhance shaman sets). Or... Level 70 male Tauren or Orc warrior in at least season 2 arena gear or raid gear Tier 5 or up (protection gear will NOT cut it). If you have 2 of the 3 on one account with bad gear (I consider bad gear to be anything below arena season 1 or tier 5), I would be willing to accept that also. Any other WoW account I will not even consider, and I will require a TON of personal information etc, phonecall, and account information to even consider it, so scammers need not apply. If you even sound like you are under 18 on the phone I will hang up on you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.