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    Characters - Level 80 Tempest Of Set Male - Most overpowered class in the game, just check the AoC official forums. Assets - 30 gold with auctions still pending (30 gold is ALOT in this game), horse mount, some uncut 75 gems. I have all the destiny quests completed except for the last one which is very easy to do (it is a solo quest)and rewards a epic ring. I left the quest undone because I wanted the new player to be able to choose which ring they wanted. Also inclued the mats and rares needed to craft the 80 leather set when your guild has a t3 city. Gathering professions - Mastered every single gathering profession in the game. A must have if you plan on joining a "good guild", as the hardest resources to harvest in the game are needed to build the best cities. Working Professions - Tier 5 armorsmithing and gemcrafting (75 blue). When you join a T3 city guild (which there are few of atm) you can craft 80 blue gear and gems. Any guild would love to have you because crafted armor is REQUIRED to PvP at the highest level due to "gem stacking" damage on melee classes and evasion on caster classes. Add to that the fact you are a heal class and finding a top notch guild should be no problem for you. Gear - A fully crafted UNGEMMED Tier 5 (75 blue)armorset. I made this so that the new user can craft a set to his/her liking. For PvP on casters full evade is the best choice. Regardless of what you choose, you can gem this set to be better then any raid gear available. With full blue gems on this set you can get over 60 percent evade and around 40 something evade with green gems (which you can craft with gemcrafting), which makes you all but unkillable to 8 of the 12 classes in AoC. Some Tier 5 Armor Pieces, already gemmed with evasion. Chest, l and a ring all with 3 evasion gems each. A fully crafted Tier 3 (60 blue) set with all electrical damage. This set was created for leveling, but it has a TON more electrical damage then any raid epic you could ever get, and is more then enough to start you raiding as a damage dealer/healer. This account has the BEST PvP professions and the class with most utility in the game. What some people will not tell you is that you CANNOT change professions once you choose them, so you are "stuck" with bad ones (see official crafting forums where people complain about alchemy being worthless, and that crafted armor with stacked gems is grossly overpowered). I no longer have the time to play but I put alot of work into making this a well rounded PvP geared character. I accept paypal, and will not accept credit card payment due to "chargeback scammers". In fact since I have the "free paypal" I do not even think you can pay by credit card. I will send you the game, manual and CD-Key free of charge if in the U.S, and can talk to you over or or whatever ([email protected] is my )to answer any questions. Bidding starts at 150.00 U.S. Buyout 250.00 U.S. I am not looking to scam anyone and just simply do not have the time to play anymore, which is why I will NOT accept trades to other MMORPG's.
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