WTS 80 Pom 66 Rngr over 420g coin+130gGems+800gGear!! Have Screens- TYRANNY

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    I am selling my account since i have no more time to play the game span> 380+g in coin all blue gear 3 epics including 1 piece of T1 8 Gems of High Quality and Value equaling 98gold and 2 world epic daggers worth 38g = 136g span> 23+g in coin All Blue gear CRAFTED level 60 set with ALL level +6 crossbow damage gems equaling over [COLOR=#3333FF140+ crossbow damage</span> with blue level 64 crossbow and level 60 epic bolts. This character levels quick even in villas which are harder for a ranger. 330dps on the xbow one shots almost any mob with any combo. Has a Totem of Origins to Cimmeria and bound to Khemi makes for quick travelling. Has a FULL level 75 CRAFTED suit with 12 armor pieces each with 3 x 8.9bow damage gems, and an extra level 80 cape with the same. These 13 pieces have 39 x 8.9 bow damage gems which EACH auction for 20g per gem. This Suit costs over 800gold to make and gem completely, and the ranger is only 8.5 levels away from wearing it. With over <span style=]span> this suit will make the ranger a killing machine. span> An alt for blue items. Has 37 blues ready for sale and a few more that havent been transferred over. 1.In total you are getting over 420g in coin which can be used to buy epic mounts for both characters or invested to make more money from the trader. 2.Over 135g worth of HIGH value Gems. 3.Lots of undervalued and uncut gems for future income 4.A full set ranger suit with over 320 bowdamage that retails for over 800g if bought from trader. 5.Both Characters have level 40 mounts 6.Both characters are in guilds with full T2 cities. The Pom is in a guild with T3 keep AND T3 BATTLEKEEP. The battlekeep gives special PVP buffs only available to guilds with battlekeeps. Ranger is in a well respected guild with full T2 city that do lots of group pvp. 6.Both characters are respected on the server without any kind of bad rep. Im looking for about 250 dollars for all of this. Here are the screenshots: s53.photobucket/albums/g74/arjung/AoC/ mail me at [email protected] Subject: AoC account You may also contact me AIM: arjung86
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