WTS 80 Necro + 80 PoM 2 accounts, T2 city, ONLY 150$!

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    Up for sale is two different AoC accounts, im selling them both for only 150$ I am in need of money at the moment and no longer have time to play =( Account 1: 80 Necroamncer: Male, Zug server. GM of a guild with over 150+ members, all active, the guild is raiding T1 now working on the krypt, he owns this guild! He is a T3 Arch along with T5 gemcutting! Owns a full T2 city walls and everything! has almost 40g and people donate at least 10g every 2-3 days, gold has never been a problem in our guild. Has almost enough resources to finish the T3 keep, I really hate to sell this toon, but as I said no more time to pay. His gear is the necro set from Epic Khesh along with 2 epic talismans! Is currently reanimation spec'd and his lifestealers will out dps a Barb, the guild has tested it many times lol. Account 2: 80 PoM: equiped with 4 epics: 2 shields, 1hand blunt and an epic ring. Currently vengence spec'd, Male on the Zug server, Is an officer in the guild mentioned above. I am selling both of thease accounts together for only 150$ first come first serve, can get ahold of me by the following: aim - jimmyvose e-mail - [email protected] phone - 1(720)-519-7088 Good luck guys, I really hope thease accounts go to a good home.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.