WTS 80 Female PoM Stormrage PVP, US. Full Crafted Gear!

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    Hello, I'm interested in selling my Female 80 PoM on the STormrage US PVP server. It is in full crafted blues, except 3 peices, in which they are because of stat reasons. The Crafted armor peices all have 1 melee invun, 1 magic invun, and a pulsing guard gem. The toon is also has its crafting professions weopensmithing, and gemcutting done. In which its on the last one where you neeed a tier 3 city weopensmithing building in. The Toon has anywhere from 15-25 g. Depending on wether trades sold. It has a PVP kill/death ratio. On the acount is also a level 24 twink barbarian that roams white sands for your ganking pleasure. This sweet little toon will give you endless hours of fun as GM's port in asknig if you can leave the 13's to quest, but free kills on the 15s+! I'm looking for about 350 Dollars, my aim is Poogamitch if you would like to contact me and we can talk about the price or other questions you may have. Thanks! Also I forgot to add, the crafting armor is the best possible PVP gem cutting possibly for poms. With buffs I have about 45% melee invun. it's the best PVP geared PoM on Stormrage, and also has the gem crafting market controled
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