WTS: 8 lvl 80's most have full t1/t2 2 years of aas both expansions and 1 month of sub

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    Im selling my 4 year old account the 80s include: barbarian pvp 5 with one piece of t2 pvp gear almost all aa's and many raid weapons to switch out,Assassin pvp 6 full t1/t2 nearly all aa's rank 4 tigers and has the tiger,Tempest of set pvp 3 two bars from 4 and has the pvp 5 gear in invent already its full t2 with a few t1 pieces almost all aa's as well this is a pve tos you can power lvl very fast,Ranger pvp 2 almost 3 with almost all dps aa's hits like a truck but needs gear only have khtai gear and a few t1 pieces and t1 bow and quiver,Conq pvp 4 its a raid conq has many aa's for tanking and 6 mans mixed t1/t2 and khtai gear,Necromancer pvp 3 fullt1 and mixed khtai purple most aa's,Guardian its a fresh 80 have almost full last legion blue gear and rank 3 almost 4 and has a purple polearm it was made for polearm spec, every 80 has most paths from the vet trader all pvp toons are bori ready lastly there is a lvl 80 assassin on deathwish with full brittle blade blues and a some good aa's also is pvp 3 going on 4 was the best sin on that server when it was alive. Also has a lvl 59 twink it has 4 purples and full twink gear this toon is sick lol i can 4 v 1 and still kill 2-3 ppl also the account has at least 30g on it and prolly could make 40-50 by selling stuff a few recipies as well you can sell for good amounts of gold
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