[WTS] 76 Million SP PvP Subcap Pilot + More ($900)

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    194M SP across 3 character on 3 accounts. Get everything you'll ever need for EVE in one package

    I have pictures of all the characters skill sheets if you want let me know and I can email them to you. All characters can enter empire space. I will be giving you the account names and passwords. If you feel you need to transfer them for saftey to another account than that cost is on you. The first character is my all race subcap pvp specialist, 76 mil sp. Can fly all races hacs and use all races t2 medium weapons. Flys t3 caldari and minmater is not far from all. Has hurricanes, gaurdians, rapier, huggin, tempest, minmater shield logi, stealth bombers, falcons, rooks, absolution, zealot, amarr missile hac,loki, tengu,and tons of mods including faction and officer ECM. Also has 5 research agents for passive datacore income. Can create covert cynos, and do good scanning. Also has all the industry skills for processing if you want to train them up. Has 140m isk and a full lowgrade snake and a full lowgrade crystal set The second chracter is my full gallente only character 57 mil. Max spaceship command skills for subcap gallente. Max drone skills for every race except for caldari spec cause kinetic damage sucks for pvp. Character can fly a Obelisk and carries all the mods and unfitted ships for all 3 characters wherever I move in highsec. Has a navy mega, 2 ishtars, obelisk, and alot more gallente ships. max gunnery skills for blasters. max armor skills. Can also fly a jumpfrieghter if you buy one. roughly 40 mil isk. If you need to find a fitting itll probally be on this character in a station vault on the frieghter or in the first perimiter station. Also has a full highgrade slave set. The third character is my cap pilot 61 mil. level 5 carrier, level 5 fighters, level 4 tac reconfig, can use siege mod and triage mod. level 4 cap guns. Can fly a mothership and is currently training fighter bombers. Has thanatos, sin(covert cyno bridge capable), and dominix. Has +4 to all except charisma which is a +3 implant. All the assets are in a 6 jump range from jita. Carrier and recently moved fitted ships are in dantumi.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.