WTS: 75 Captain + 75 Guardian 800+ gold w/ kin house!

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    Here to sell my account, just dont have time for video games anymore and I dont plan on playing it again so hopefully I can get some money for it. Been playing since April 2007. I have my Captain at 75 (Main), Guardian at 75, and my Burg at 65 (Owns Kin House with all 3 chest unlocked!). I uninstalled the game a week ago so the only SS I have are of my Captain when I was trying to sell my account a month ago so sorry I cant get SS of the deluxe house, kin house, guard shield. My Captain is very well geared. Has Dragon cloak. Has Draigoch set, ToO Dps/morale set, and 4/6 PvMP gear. Has the bulk of my gold about 795. 137k DP and 1,500 TP. Sub runs outs June 10th. Has all x-pacs. Weaponsmith guild so can make 2nd+1st age weapons. Has a first age emblem with all tier 6s and great relics. Premium Wallet with 4k meds and 500+ seals. All stat tomes to +50. My Guardian is decently geared, I changed my main to my captain so the guardian needs some work. It does have 5/5 PvMP set for stagger. I believe 4/6 Draigoch, but hasn't tanked ToO so no unlocks yet. Does have the best shield in game right now also has 3 2nd ages (1-h,2-h, tanking belt). Stat tomes for might,vit,agi to +30. Owns my deluxe house with both chest unlocked. Has about 20g My Burglar is still level 65, but with work can be a fun toon to play PvE and PvMP wise. Only reason I added this toon in here is because it owns my personal kin house for the kinship Fighting Against Gank Squads (F.A.G.S). ALSO HAS DRAGON ENORMOUS YARD STATUE! Screenshots: (ONLY OF CAPTAIN) Only really want to deal with verified PayPal buyers. We can work out a price because I dont plan on playing this game anymore... I think 5 years was enough... Contact Info: [email protected] Baronvonballsach - Hope to hear from someone soon!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.