WTS: 75 Burglar 75 Cptn 65 Grd, Rank 8 Spider , Rank 7 BA, 500g+ Dwarrowdelf

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    Hi looking to sell my lotro account, played it over a year very avidly. Very active in PVP and PVE raiding, probably best equipped burglar on server. 75 Burg Rank 10 - 5 pc Draigoch armor + draigoch cloak 6 pc PVP set , also has rank 8 dagger/jewlry and the rank 10 title shield of the free people (only one on server) Ost dunhoth deed horse, and a few other fast ones. (6k Shards too) 75 Captain Rank 8 - 4 pc Draigoch armor + skirm raid drops, 2 pc PVP set, also has rank 8 banner, and crafted jewlry. Several mounts. 65 Guardian Rank 5 or 6, decent geared for 65 but havnt started new expansion with him yet. ------------------------------ Creeps- Rank 8 spider Rank 7 Blackarrow Rank 5 Warg Rank 4 Defiler ------------------------------ This account is solid, and I put Months of work into it. Another raid update is around the corner and this account is ready to go. Has Moria/Mirkwood/Rise of Isenguard expansions. VIP lapsed is now premium. Going to play another game so looking to sell only. PM if interested with offers, Was thinking $250 but will negotiate.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.