[WTS] 71 Million SP Subcap Pilot ($350)

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    71.3m sp subcap specialized + 3.6m sp alt miner (almost Hulk ready).

    Can fly most of ships in EvE that are not industrial or capital.
    Specialized missioner. Can jump in any marauder or faction BS or tengu and its Isk printing machine whenever you dont PVP.
    Specialized explorer. Archaeology 5, Astrometics 5, Pinpointing 5, Rangefinding 5 Acquisition 4, Hacking 5.
    It scans very FAST, clears the site fast, analyze/hacks fast and moves to the next. Explorers/Wormholers dream. FAST cash!

    24 mil SP in Spaceship command, highlights:
    Amarr BS 5
    Amarr Cruiser 5
    Battlecruiser 5
    Caldari BS 5
    Caldari cruiser 5
    Caldari frigate 5
    Cover Ops 5
    Gallente BS 5
    Gallente Cruiser 5
    Heavy Assault Ships 5
    Heavy Interdictors 5
    Marauders 5
    Minmatar BS 5
    Recon Ship 5
    Tengu Subsystems all to 5
    Command Ships 4, Electronic Attack Ships 4, etc.

    12m sp in Gunnery, 7m sp in Missiles, 5m sp in Drones, all you need t2.
    Contact me for full skill list or eveboard.

    High standings with Amarr and Caldari. Tons of lvl 4 and 5 agents.
    Amarr Empire 9.31, Caldary Navy 9.59, Kaalakiota 8.47 etc.
    Can get the free ships or ship BPCs from Amarr, havent done that yet.

    Has 1b+ in implants, missioner implants main and 1 clone with explorer implants.
    Date of Birth 2007,
    Security Status 5.01
    No kill rights or bounties.
    Bonus Remaps Available 1.
    Comes with 5500 AUR and a empty 5 year old corp that I kept for alts.
    Has good reputation, has not been in pirate corps, no big alliance history of any kind.
    Has a very nice name and the corp also a nice name if you decide to keep it or sell it w/e.
    Account is active of course and it will be delivered fast.
    200-300m isk as BONUS cash.
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