[WTS] 71 champs 29 skins!!! great lol account 500+wins!!

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    champions: Akali alistar (Golden Alistar) amumu (goth annie) anivia annie ashe blitzcrank (boom boom blitzcrank) cho'gath corki Dr. mundo evelynn ezreal fiddlesticks galio (enchanted galio) gangplank (ghostly gangplank) garen (Sanguine Garen) heimerdinger irelia janna jarvan(comando Jarvan) jax karthus kassadin katarina kayle(judgement kayle, battleborn kayle) kennen kog'maw leblanc(wicked leblanc prestigous leblanc) lee sin leona lux (sorceress lux) malphite malzahar master yi miss fortune mordekaiser(infernal,pentakill,dragon knight) morgana nasus(Galactic) nidalee nocturne nunu olaf(Brolaf) pantheon poppy rammus renekton ryze(Uncle Ryze) shaco(mad hatter) shen singed sion sivir sona soraka(Divine) swain(Northern front swain, Bilgewater swain) taric teemo tristana trundle(Lil slugger) tryndamere(King trynd) twisted fate twitch(Gangster twitch) udyr(Primal udyr) urgot veigar warwick(tundra hunter WW) wukong xerath xin zhao(Imperial xin zhao) yorick zilean 28 skins!!! 71 CHAMPS!!! Runes: 3x pages Marks: 9x Armor pen 9x Attack speed 9x Flat health 9x Crit chance 9x MAgic pen 9x phsyical damage 3x flat armor all tier 3 Seals: 9x attack speed 9x dodge 9x health per level 9x crit chance 9x Mana regen per level 9x Flat armor all tier 3 Glyphs: 9x MAgic resist 9x Flat AP 9x Cooldown reduction 9x Attackspeed 4x ap per level 1x mana per level 9x crit chance All tier 3 Quintessence: 3x Flat ap 3x flat health 3x armor pen 3x crit chance 3x attack speed All tier 3 RP:609 IP:3479 Classic wins: 546 Dominion wins: 29 If your interested go ahead and pm me or Aim me Aim: M4r1n3sf0rm3 I think thats everything if you want any other info let me know!
Thread Status:
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