WTS: 7+ Million SP PvP Assault Cruiser Pilot

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    He is currently sitting in an NPC corporation and the successful bidder will have the character transferred to their Eve Online Account and I will pay the transfer fee

    He is a superb PvP character with great skills, he is sitting on 700million ISK and a Heavy Assault Cruiser and Dominix Gallente Battleship

    Paypal is needed and I have posted his skills below, offers around $600-800 will be strongly considered

    Drone Skills
    Advanced Drone Interfacing Advanced Drone Interfacing level 1
    Amarr Drone Specialization Amarr Drone Specialization level 0
    Combat Drone Operation Combat Drone Operation level 5
    Drone Durability Drone Durability level 4
    Drone Interfacing Drone Interfacing level 5
    Drone Navigation Drone Navigation level 5
    Drone Sharpshooting Drone Sharpshooting level 5
    Drones Drones level 5
    Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing level 1
    Fighters Fighters level 0
    Gallente Drone Specialization Gallente Drone Specialization level 4
    Heavy Drone Operation Heavy Drone Operation level 5
    Mining Drone Operation Mining Drone Operation level 3
    Repair Drone Operation Repair Drone Operation level 1
    Scout Drone Operation Scout Drone Operation level 5
    Sentry Drone Interfacing Sentry Drone Interfacing level 3

    16 skills trained for a total of 4,618,716 skillpoints
    Skills Cost 76,842,000 ISK

    Cloaking Cloaking level 4
    Cynosural Field Theory Cynosural Field Theory level 3
    Electronic Warfare Electronic Warfare level 4
    Electronics Electronics level 5
    Electronics Upgrades Electronics Upgrades level 5
    Frequency Modulation Frequency Modulation level 0
    Long Distance Jamming Long Distance Jamming level 0
    Long Range Targeting Long Range Targeting level 5
    Propulsion Jamming Propulsion Jamming level 4
    Sensor Linking Sensor Linking level 3
    Signal Dispersion Signal Dispersion level 0
    Signature Analysis Signature Analysis level 5
    Survey Survey level 3
    Target Painting Target Painting level 1
    Targeting Targeting level 3
    Weapon Disruption Weapon Disruption level 2

    16 skills trained for a total of 2,118,840 skillpoints
    Skills Cost 14,237,100 ISK

    Advanced Weapon Upgrades Advanced Weapon Upgrades level 4
    Controlled Bursts Controlled Bursts level 4
    Gunnery Gunnery level 5
    Large Hybrid Turret Large Hybrid Turret level 5
    Large Projectile Turret Large Projectile Turret level 0
    Medium Blaster Specialization Medium Blaster Specialization level 3
    Medium Hybrid Turret Medium Hybrid Turret level 5
    Medium Projectile Turret Medium Projectile Turret level 3
    Medium Railgun Specialization Medium Railgun Specialization level 3
    Motion Prediction Motion Prediction level 4
    Rapid Firing Rapid Firing level 4
    Sharpshooter Sharpshooter level 4
    Small Blaster Specialization Small Blaster Specialization level 4
    Small Energy Turret Small Energy Turret level 1
    Small Hybrid Turret Small Hybrid Turret level 5
    Small Projectile Turret Small Projectile Turret level 3
    Small Railgun Specialization Small Railgun Specialization level 4
    Surgical Strike Surgical Strike level 4
    Trajectory Analysis Trajectory Analysis level 4
    Weapon Upgrades Weapon Upgrades level 5

    20 skills trained for a total of 4,587,392 skillpoints
    Skills Cost 12,789,000 ISK

    Armored Warfare Armored Warfare level 0
    Information Warfare Information Warfare level 0
    Leadership Leadership level 5
    Siege Warfare Siege Warfare level 0
    Skirmish Warfare Skirmish Warfare level 0

    5 skills trained for a total of 256,007 skillpoints
    Skills Cost 355,500 ISK


    Analytical Mind Analytical Mind level 5
    Clarity Clarity level 4
    Eidetic Memory Eidetic Memory level 4
    Empathy Empathy level 3
    Focus Focus level 4
    Instant Recall Instant Recall level 5
    Iron Will Iron Will level 5
    Learning Learning level 5
    Logic Logic level 4
    Spatial Awareness Spatial Awareness level 5

    10 skills trained for a total of 1,831,060 skillpoints
    Skills Cost 18,256,500 ISK

    Citadel Torpedoes Citadel Torpedoes level 0
    Cruise Missiles Cruise Missiles level 4
    Defender Missiles Defender Missiles level 2
    FoF Missiles FoF Missiles level 1
    Guided Missile Precision Guided Missile Precision level 2
    Heavy Assault Missiles Heavy Assault Missiles level 0
    Heavy Missiles Heavy Missiles level 4
    Missile Bombardment Missile Bombardment level 3
    Missile Launcher Operation Missile Launcher Operation level 5
    Missile Projection Missile Projection level 4
    Rapid Launch Rapid Launch level 0
    Rockets Rockets level 0
    Standard Missiles Standard Missiles level 3
    Target Navigation Prediction Target Navigation Prediction level 5
    Torpedo Specialization Torpedo Specialization level 1
    Torpedoes Torpedoes level 5
    Warhead Upgrades Warhead Upgrades level 4

    17 skills trained for a total of 2,669,983 skillpoints
    Skills Cost 24,151,500 ISK

    Acceleration Control Acceleration Control level 2
    Afterburner Afterburner level 4
    Evasive Maneuvering Evasive Maneuvering level 5
    Fuel Conservation Fuel Conservation level 0
    High Speed Maneuvering High Speed Maneuvering level 4
    Navigation Navigation level 5
    Warp Drive Operation Warp Drive Operation level 3

    7 skills trained for a total of 1,924,459 skillpoints
    Skills Cost 456,750 ISK

    Spaceship Command
    Amarr Battleship Amarr Battleship level 0
    Amarr Cruiser Amarr Cruiser level 4
    Amarr Frigate Amarr Frigate level 4
    Assault Ships Assault Ships level 4
    Battlecruisers Battlecruisers level 4
    Caldari Battleship Caldari Battleship level 4
    Caldari Cruiser Caldari Cruiser level 4
    Caldari Frigate Caldari Frigate level 5
    Covert Ops Covert Ops level 4
    Destroyers Destroyers level 1
    Electronic Attack Ships Electronic Attack Ships level 0
    Exhumers Exhumers level 3
    Gallente Battleship (64000 / 362040) training to level 4 Gallente Battleship level 3
    Gallente Cruiser Gallente Cruiser level 5
    Gallente Frigate Gallente Frigate level 5
    Gallente Industrial Gallente Industrial level 4
    Heavy Assault Ships Heavy Assault Ships level 4
    Interceptors Interceptors level 4
    Interdictors Interdictors level 0
    Logistics Logistics level 3
    Mining Barge Mining Barge level 5
    Minmatar Frigate Minmatar Frigate level 0
    Recon Ships Recon Ships level 2
    Spaceship Command Spaceship Command level 5

    24 skills trained for a total of 7,256,931 skillpoints
    Skills Cost 169,722,000 ISK
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