WTS 7 Level 80s - 1 PvP (6), 1 PvP (5) - 1274 Gold and 10 months of gametime left.

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    The description says most. However, I also have 3 characters with mostly khitai epics. The PoM has almost full scarlet circle epics, and 2 bonus epic l of other factions. Epic Yag-Kosha helmet. PvP (6) Bori rings. The Priest of Mitra has half AA feated, with a crit rating of 16.3%, there is a ton of gear, my inventory is nearly 3 pages full of items as well and my banks with t2 raid gear, culture gear, khitai epic gear (3 pairs of l). There is also around 500G in resources that can be sold. I have a fair amount of life essence as well. There are 2-3 other 80s that are nearly as geared as this one with 50-75% khitai epics and/or raid gear, 2 of which are basically full t2 at least. There are also low level characters attached to this account, many of which have very high k/d ratios due to much PvP experience. The PoM for instance has the highest k/d on the server per amount of kills. I really cant list everything here, so please contact so i can get you screenshots and answer all your inquiries. This is truly a high level account, but considering the resources I would want a decent amount of money, but in return you will basically be a god on AoC.
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