WTS 7 EVE accs main acc in top 20 on battleclinick and known in EVE :)

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    Due to hard RL spanking and other stuff i cant play as i play before this wonderful game so i want to sell all mine assets i prefer to sell them to person who still LOVE TO PLAY EVE FOR PERSONAL USE not for reseller or something like that. i have 7 accs most of them have extra chars for Jita market and cynos main char 100 mil sp i cannot say name is full pvp pilot he is in top by battleclinick rank 1 char i use as alt for pvp he have 44 mil sp ( minm/galente) alo known in EVE 3th char i also use as alt in PVP for scouting cynos etc etc 2 chars are MACA pilots around 25 mil sp i used them for farming offc 1 char have also caldari/amar ( tengu/nightmare) about 28 mil sp and last char is Tengu around 20 mil SP i used he for farming They all together have around 230+ mil sp and around 20 bil on wallets assets (ships items mby even more ) Like i say i would love to buy them person who really love this game and who can play ( without wife spam or work spam )!!!!! Im trusted person in RL and this game i never ever scammed or brake mine word( 1000 can vouch this ).I could sell them for more to mine friends or ppl which i know but i don't want to tell them because they will try to stop me from doing it.Don't try to guess who i am that is not important, just care about accs like they are your babies I will sell all for 1000 euro Yes they could go for double more for sure but i want to sell it to person who really love and play game!!!!Please that is important to me!!! About money transfer we will use Western Union because mine country suck and don't have other normal paying methods and this one is ok since i transfer before a couple of gtcs to mine friends in game.Or you can come to mine house at coffee or whatever Like i say im very trusted person in game and in RL just cant play anymore because life is biac ((((((((( PS chars cant stay in corp where i am atm but i think you understand that regard ewqi
Thread Status:
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