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    So I currently have 7 accounts running and am willing to let them go to someone for $1250.

    They consist of:

    100 mill sp, can fly all t2/t3 ships can fly all cap ships except titans (might need some skill books though)
    Can use all t2 weapons with all support skills at minimum 4
    Can use 4 research alts for datacores, decent standings all around for lvl 4 missions.
    Excellent drone skills and ewar skills, perfect core skills.
    3 remaps

    50mill sp, amarr t2 ships, laser and projectiles t2 weapons, good support skills (level 4 or higher) Can fly orca and freighter
    Excellent trading skills, excellent PI skills
    Phenomenal Leadership skills, command ships V
    2 remaps

    10 mill sp, Good leadership skills, excellent PI skills, 4 R&D agent slots, all useful science skills for datacores.

    7 mill sp, excellent core skills, training to be a tengu pilot.

    5 mill sp, orca booster pilot training to get into hulk.

    5 mill sp, training to be a booster character, good leadership skills.

    5 mill sp, training to be a tengu pilot, good core skills

    Most of the alts can be sold for several billion on character bazaar each. More if they are finished their training.

    The accounts come with a few billions liquid and about 15 billion is near liquid assets. (easy to sell items)

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Will accept paypal verified.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.