[WTS] 65 Million SP Perfect PvP Mission Runner Pilot ($550)

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    65m SP Caldari/Gallente PERFECT PVP/Mission runner! Hictor/Carrier flyer, Commands on V, Tengu ready

    ==Zero wasted SP== ==Sec standing 5.0, lvl4 missions unlocked== ==HACKS on 5, COMMANDS on 5, PERFECT SKILLS FOR H MISSILES, CARRIER AND HICTOR PILOT== ==9,5+ standing with Sukuuvestaa, this means u can get 5 runs BPC CN Ballistic Control[ and u can make thise BC's on your own!!== ==Perfect Tengu for l4 missions 1,5b fit, fitted Noctis in station== ==Fully fitted Thanatos(carrier)== ==Tons of assets and smaller ships==
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.