WTS 63.5m SP Amarr Pilot Sub titan Indy/T2 Incursions/Top miner/Top armor tank

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    I'd like to sell my eve character. 81 skills @ lvl5 232 known skills -All core skills @ 5 -Heavy Armor tank , everything @ 5 -All skills required for a full T2 incursion fit, including Sentry drones 5 in 2 days. -Every possible science skill. -Every possible industry skill. -Builds sub titan capitals. -Good rep -Best armor tank -Best mining skills I hosted all skills on this page: ://pastehtml/view/ct9f7r358.html Bids are open. Anyone have an idea how to not get scammed out of money on paypal ? (I've seen this happen multiple times..., chargebacks etc)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.