WTS: 60 Ranger Elyos plus 15 all pvp geared and pve 60 eternal

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    Bump if you sent pm please. I have a level 60 elyos Ranger with a plus 15 Kahrun's Longbow with stage 2 60 pvp combine 60 Gaurdian Commanders Corundum pvp earrings pvp x2 60 Gaurdian Commanders Corundum Neckace pvp 60 Gaurdian Commanders Corundum belt pvp Siel Ring of power (more pvp and stats than 60) Siel Ring of Magic Sunayakas Hairpin 60 Gonon jerkin plus 10 stage 2 60 Gonon breeches plus 10 stage 2 60 Gonon shouldergaurd plus 10 stage 2 55 noble colisum boots plus 5 stage 2 55 noble coliseum vambrace plus 1 stage 2 (has full 55 stage 2 set) 31 mithrol 440 kahrun symbols 29k cruible insignia 549 couage insignia Handicrafting 459 aether tapping 455 PVE Full Kahrun 60 eternal set attack 5 in each (set of 5) tartar belt 400k ap over 1400 Major Divine life serum and 1400 Major divine mana serum 50+ leader Recovery scroll (does not share cd with ap divine potions or fine potions ) 4,000 hp 4000mp 1 hour cd.From event 55mill kinah loot pet 12 slot storage pet enemy pet detection pet Sharptooth Airspike Bike(best mount in game 200$ Sent western Union(can be sent online through western union with a credit card) I have have great rep and can be 100% trusted. I will cover the cost of sending through western Union.(about 20$) toon is DLR ready and great for anthing the game has to offer. People are buy quick for 4.0 so pm me your info If you live in Canada you can pay Direct Deposit through my TD bank and you will save 15$ off the 200$ - - - Updated - - - So i did sell my chanter and glad but was going to keep my ranger. As some might see on my other post. This ranger is a very good solid deal and offer more then other do at this price. I also am a solo player so you will not be asked my anyone anything what so ever while in game. I will for no reason accept any other payment other then Western Union. thanks for viewing.
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